Friday, August 2, 2013

Checking In Again...

Hello, everyone!

Just wanted to check in. I haven't visited this blog in about 6 months! Crazy how time flies!!

Anyways, I had someone ask about any news concerning the continuation of the Ai no Kusabi remake, and unfortunately at the present moment, there appears to be no intention of making new episodes due to funding problems.

Originally, the series was meant to air in 2009, but everyone knows how that went. I had thought they were going to cancel the series remake altogether due to their troubles with funding. However, they managed to finally air the first 4 episodes of the intended 13-episode remake in 2011. The down side was that there was no more money to go to the other 9 episodes, so unless the first 4 episodes make serious bank, there's no hope for the continuation of the series. And now that we're on the downward slope of 2013, I can definitely say that there is most likely no chance for the rest of the series to premiere, so we might as well give up hope there. I think the reason I was most looking forward to the new series was so that there was a chance of a different ending than the one in the original 2 OVAs that came out in the '90s!! While it's okay to cry once in a while over tragic love stories like this, and it was a very fitting and poetic ending, it's almost too sad to watch. I never fail to cry at the end of OVA2. We need happier endings!! Guy, you dumb fuck!! There. That basically says it all.

Anyways, I wanted to thank everyone who has visited this blog and that interest in this series has most certainly not died even after 10-20 years. Much love!!!


  1. Thanks for the update! I already knew it was going down like this, though...
    I was planning on buying the Ai no Kusabi DVD from Rightstuf but don't think it's worth it. The 4 episodes were rather boring and didnt have enough RikixIason interactions ;p ...the site was also taken down so yeah...Oh, well .__.

    1. I know, so depressing, right? I had been so excited when the first teaser came out all those years ago, and then they just quit... *sigh* Life's not fair and all that.

  2. Kindly remove the link to Taming and also the artwork you are using here, both of which I own. You can visit for more information about Taming Riki in the upcoming weeks. Kind regards, Kira Takenouchi