Sunday, April 29, 2012

Welcome to Taming Riki! =^^=

Now, if you're a fan of Ai no Kusabi, you'll have eventually at some point run into Kira Takenouchi's Taming Riki series, right? Her website had a restricted section for her fanfiction Taming Riki among her other original works. If you've ever read fanfiction before, you'll notice that most authors will put disclaimers saying that they don't own the work, and therefore, don't profit from it, though it's generally a given. While Kira Takenouchi would give credit of the story to the original writer Rieko Yoshihara, it was still a work of fanfiction, and it's my personal belief that she is illegally charging for something that most would post up for free.

Kira is notorious to the people who keep up with her works for her dramatic personal issues that interfere with her postings, famously appearing and disappearing from the internet, which she has again done. So, until she reappears at some point, I will happily share the awesomeness that is Taming Riki Volume 1.

Here's an Adobe format for this story downloaded from the original site a few years ago. (it has 16MB), [NO LONGER WORKING!! BROKEN LINK!! READ NEW POST!!]

The format has a few pictures to go with it from the original 2 OVA series of Ai no Kusabi and the original Japanese radio drama Dark Erogenous.


[Disclaimer and Warning: The Taming Riki series was written by Kira Takenouchi, who based this series off of Ai no Kusabi written by Rieko Yoshihara. This is yaoi, meaning male/male relationships, and contains explicit sexual content and BDSM elements.]


  1. Omg! I love you to DEATH! I had the original on my computer, but it died so I was so sad. Thanks so friggin much for the DL! By the way, their bringing back Ai No Kusabi. If you can understand Japanese, check out:, they also have a twitter and speak in English with updates. You can pre-order the dvd thats coming in January. If you cant understand Japanese, go on to hear the buzz from the fans <3 <3 :3 Woohoo!

  2. lol
    Thanks for the download. Its a better copy than what I originally had.
    There is a four episode set for AnK coming out. The first one is already released and available in Japanese with chinese subs. Not sure when the english subs come out though!

    Any way, thanxs for the link to the download!

  3. bless you!! i've already read this fanfic but since my ANK files got wiped out i'm now looking for those files deleted again and i'm happy to find Taming riki in your blog thank yous ouch! :D

  4. I'm so glad to have found this mostly because - while I do have volume 1, upon re-reading it I discovered that I cross copied a chapter, so I have a repeat of Riki recovering after he runs away, missing his full recovery. One chapter missing.

    I do, however, have Volume 2, until the point she ended (disappearing never to be heard from again) with Blondie in Chains, hostages and so much more. I also have Volume 3, where her sidestories were, and the extra where Riki and Iason go to the carnival.

    Alongside that, got Barbarian's Slave and Once Upon a Chieftian.

    Anyway, yay! now I can fix that error in my volume 1 electronic copy :DD

    1. Where did u find volume 3? :-)

    2. Hi there! Would you care to share Barbarian's Slave and Once Upon a Chieftian with me, please? Please let me know! You can find me on tumblr: